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Sofware Engineering 2008

Fourth Year Project

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EPICS Project


Software development for seismic assessment of Auckland buildings:

Client: Auckland City Council

Aim: To write software that can store the details of each building - address, age, type of construction etc. It will then run an existing algorithm (currently done via desk top paper, pen and calculator) to check the building and determine if it requires a more comprehensive seismic assessment.

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2008 Courses

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Software Engineering Wiki

This is the Software Engineering Wiki, a resource available to all Software Engineering students for coordinating collaborative group work, sharing information, peer-tutoring, and related course activities.

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Old Announcements

Course directory

Part II
  • SE200 — Shadow Class
  • SE206 — Software Development Craft
  • SE211 — Software Engineering Theory
  • SE250 — Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
  • SE251 — Object Oriented Software Construction
  • SE254 — Quality Assurance
  • COMPSYS201 — Fundamentals of Computer Engineering
  • ENGGEN204 — Technical Communication for Engineers
  • ENGSCI213 — Mathematical Modelling for Software Engineers

Part III

  • SE306 — Team Project
  • SE350 — Human Computer Interaction
  • SE351 — Fundamentals of Database Systems
  • SE325 — Software Architecture
  • SE363 — Computer Architecture
  • SE364 — Computer Networks
  • SE370 — Operating Systems
  • ENGGEN303 — Management for Engineers

Part IV

  • ENGGEN403 — Professional Sustainability Issues
  • SE401 — Research Project
  • SE450 — Software Development Methodologies
  • SE462 — Formal Methods
  • SE701 — Advanced Software Engineering Development Methods
  • SE702 — Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction
  • COMPSCI372 — Computer Graphics
  • COMPSCI406 — Robotics and Intelligent Systems

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