Twitter Bot

For fun, I decided to create a bot that randomly tweets bird noises such as ‘cheep’ ‘tweet’ ‘quack’ etc. I can imagine it would get annoying incredibly quickly so I have thought about making it tweet very infrequently (once a week-ish maybe?). There is some generation with the bird call i.e. sometimes one or two calls and a large list of calls to choose from (although getting something other than ‘Tweet’ should be uncommon).

It was suggested that I make the bot tweet at sunrise/sunset which I thought was a cool idea and I may pursue it. I have looked for existing library’s to calculate these times on a day by day basis but all the (Java) librarys I found were not even close to accurate. It looks like its easiest to implement my own sunrise/sunset library; for the moment and I have an algorithm to implement and I could make use of some existing code I just need to convert.

If you want to follow my bot, it would love to have some friends and you can do so here. The Twitter Bots wiki page is here.