Password Puzzle Trail

I have created a puzzle trail where the goal is to find the cleverly hidden password and get to the next puzzle. The puzzles start out fairly easy and get more difficult as you solve them. I have tried to make them fairly obtainable however they will test logic and as you get further your knowledge of the internet, cryptography, steganography, control of temper etc. Its still very much a work in progress (although I can assure you they all do work, and there is a solution). You should never have to guess a password.

Inspiration for this has come from many sites such as Hack Quest and Project Euler which I have played around on for years. I have many ideas and the trail should be growing all the time. If you have any suggestions let me know! To get started and dive into the rabbit hole, you can use the form above or start here.

The Galaxy Game

While at uni and coming to terms with the exciting world of programming I made the galaxy game. Feel free to play it here.

Galaxy Game
Galaxy Game

The rules of the game are rather unique and confusing, but it is somewhat similar to Minesweeper and has an amount of luck involved with it. Late last year I decided (it was suggested to me) to make a solver for this game and  I had a few iterations of working solvers, going from fairly naive to what I felt was pretty good. I have decided to start over again with a nicer version of the game and a boast worthy solver. Stay tuned or watch the wiki page for progress.