Webcam Security System

A while ago I set up an old webcam / Raspberry Pi to serve as a security camera. Using Motion[1], its easy to set up a system that will record any movement and can be manually enabled or set to run on a simple schedule such as while I am away at work. Eventually I […]

Remotely Initiated Reverse SSH Tunnel

This article lays out the steps to set up an SSH tunnel[1] so that you can connect to a server hidden behind a firewall/router. Cron is used on the server to maintain a connection from the hidden remote server to my local server, that I can use to connect to the remote server. Problem To highlight […]

Hide OpenSSH Version Banner

Here is a quick and dirty method for hiding some of the banner information advertised by OpenSSH[1]. This article focuses on how to use hexedit[2] to update your sshd binary to reduce information leakage. Hiding the version information from OpenSSH is not supported by configuration[3]. This may have been added in some versions[4] and could […]