Gerbil Time Tracker

Hamster is a cool little Linux tool that I have recently started to use and its made my time tracking a breeze.

Gerbil Time Tracker Logo

In the past, at the end of each week, I would have to try and remember how much time I spent doing different activities at work, so that I could record my time and bill the correct customers. This was a painful chore and sometimes required a bit of email archaeology, Skype log trawling and black-magic. Hamster allowed me to track my current activity with easy integration to my desktop and proactively record time instead of using retroactive sorcery.

I love the tool so much I thought I’d create my own PHP web based version which would allow me to use it from my phone and create all sorts of graphs. I have begun development on my tool and it is already usable. When I have a comparable set of features to Hamster, I plan to migrate my data across and open it up for other people to use!